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Company Profile




Azet Surya LestariPT. Azet Surya Lestari (PT Azet) is a private company, dealing with renewable energy business, particularly Solar Photovoltaic Energy.

our business range:


- Wide range of solar PV modules (3Wp~250Wp)

- DC lightings: LED (indoor and outdoor lighting), fluorescent lamps.

- SHS (Solar Home System) and SLS (Solar Small Lighting System)

- SSL (Solar Street Lighting)


More than 20 years experience on design, system sizing, distribution&installation, and comissioning of any PV applications, from simple applications such as SHS and SLS, to most complicated one such as Solar Water Pumping, Hybrid, Grid Connected.


-  Mitsubishi Electric-Japan (solar modules),

-  Morningstar Corp. USA (charge controller),

-  Mono pumps Australia(solar water pumping equipments).

- SMA Technologie Germany (Smart Grid Inverter)

- Zephyr, Japan (Small Wind Turbine)


Our market coverage:
a) Domestic market (all over Indonesia) and,
b) Export market (for balance of system of SHS).

Employment and Key Personnel

Currently we employ 200 personnel, 60 of them are field technicians. The followings are PT. Azet Surya Lestari key personnel:

Abdul Kholik; as President Director. Agriculture engineer with Master Management in International Business from reputable University, continuesly working for rural development since 1985 (whereas since 1989 are continuesly in Solar PV business). Wide experiences in PV industry and has attended a lot of courses and seminars in the area of renewable energy either technical or finance, and speaker of some Indonesian renewable energy seminars. Currently active at Head Quarter Board Management  of ASPERNETI or IRECA (Indonesian Renewable Energy Company Association).

Arma Tamru;
as Commissioner. Agriculture engineer with Master in Management from reputable university, has worked for PV business since 1991 for various job, particularly in marketing. Has attended various technical courses of PV applications (inhouse & abroad).

Mega Sylvadara;
as Marketing Director. Sociologist from reputable University with paper "Social impact of PV SHS to rural community in Sukatani, the first Indonesian solar village" , has worked in PV business since 1990 for various positions and concentrate on marketing of PV System since 2003.

Usep Nuraen; Technical Manager. Electrical Engineer, experience in electronic industry and since 2003 dealing with technical and installation aspects of PV. Has attended various technical courses, inhouse training and abroad.


PT. Azet Surya Lestari is capable to supply all your needs for hardware of any solar photovoltaic application (from relatively simple system to complicated and fully automated system) :

PV Component and Parts 
Wide range of BP Solar PV Modules (6 watt ~ 150 watt); Wide range of solar regulator/controller (Morningstar, Steca, Trace, Plasmatronic); Wide Range of Batteries for solar applications; Various Solar water pumping (surface pump, submersible pump), Wide range of Inverters (Modify sine wave, Pure Sine wave); Various DC lightings; others accessories for PV. 
Solar PV Applications 
  Solar Home System; Solar Lantern; Public TV and Digital Parabolic antenna; Water Pumping; Street Lighting/Garden Lighting; Telecommunication (including radio communication and data communication); Vaccine Refrigerator for rural remote healthcare centre; Navigational Aids; Military Man Pack; Hybrid System; Solar Drip irrigation system etc. 

PT. Azet Surya Lestari has capability to provide the following services:

  • System Sizing and System Design to meet all customers requirements.
  • Installation and Distribution of PV system all over Indonesia.
  •  Our technical team and implementation management has experienced and capable to install more than 1.500 PV Systems for rural homes per month all over Indonesia.
  • Training, monitoring and maintenance contract.

Our Warehouse




Our Production Facilities





Our Staff/Technicians Are Well Trained For Various Solar PV Applications






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